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Oh Dear Lord, where have i been?!

*kisses LJ* missed everyone!
Been sooooo busy, especially with exams. I've had so many and they were all horrible. The physics exam made me want to cry, srsly.
HOW IS EVERYONE!?!?!?! I really missed you guys, need to catch up on some posts!
Jeez, really do feel like this is the first time in months i'm relaxing, and i still have a tonne of work to do but cba. School and extra work has taken over my life lately BUT I LOVE LJ, SO YA KNOW.

New Obsessions:


Speak to me people<3

touch up

can anyone make this look less grainy and more photoy and brighter maybe? Just better quality really. I have no software that will do this. I fail. thanks!

Does anyone...

have a big adn better version of the pic used in my icon, or a better version of this pic:


I can see Russia from my house.

Happy Birthday to fading_ripples</lj> Hope you're happy and have a fab day^^

Scully. I got to play Scully in my year's assembly at school xD A friend played Mulder, and we had a phone conversation (with the XF theme as my ring tone, which it actually is) and we based the case we were discussing on Tooms, remember him?:D The theme was "imagination" so we were imagining what we could be when we were older, so of course i picked an FBI agent! Wore my FBI hoodie and Scully badge and everything:P

Because i can:

Need to write an article on wormholes. Why did i choose wormholes? Fascinating and all and i love all that shiz but still, so much work and knowledge and my brain is already hurting.

Edit: I wanna design myself a tshirt, which my friends wanna buy for me, and zazzle or something make it for you. Want an x files one and a stargate one or an AT or GA one or something. Any ideas? And pics or text anyone can think of that would look cool? Having a hard time coming up with stuff!

Bad Blood X Files quote for you in the title there. LOVE that ep. Anyway...

Did anybody watch Comic Relief on friday? FRENCH AND SAUNDERS DID MAMMA MIA!!! :Dmade me giggle Jennifer Saunders really looked like Meryl, and had some of Meryl's merylisms....yeah, did them perfectly. The whole thing was awesome^_^
And French and Saunders dirty dancing on stage with Davina McCall and Claudia Winkleman (sp?) That was too cool:D 

I wanna marry Alec Baldwin. I was watching 30 rock and i remembered the awesome film "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins, another guy i could marry, and i used to have a bit of a crush on him:) Yeah, i have strange taste. "The Rural Juror". Even typing that sounds funny. Don't know why that gets me every time:D

X FILES BABY. omg i cried and laughed so much whilst watching each season. And come on, watching all 9 seasons and both films in less than a month is an AWESOME record for myself. Yes. I had no life in that month. But who cares, MULDER AND SCULLY.

In a Sam Carter mood. For a physics assignment thing, we have to write a report on something that interests us. I chose to do wormholes because they are fascinating, the theories i mean, and possible i might add in some stuff on black holes, not that i'll understand everything but ah well. Makes me want some good ol' SG1 eps.

Mamma Mia 1:

Mamma Mia 2:

By The Hammer Of Thor!

Where the frak have i been for all this time?! God i missed this place *LJ LOVE*
I feel like i've missed out loads, people, fill me in on all your news, tiny or huge or anything:) I'll try and catch up with everyone's stories, but there's a lot of posts! 
My life for the past however many months:
-moved house for a while whilst our old house is being done up
-had SO MUCH EXTRA WORK, kinda my fault coz i took on a load of projects
-watched every single episode of the X FILES and the two movies in less than a month
-fell in love with TINA FEY & 30 ROCK, littleninja245 you were right, 30 rock is amazing. Just bought season 1 on DVD and season 2 is on five US at the moment:D
-dressed up as the joker for comic relief on friday (not that important but cool)

But seriously, my life has been school work for ages. Got really distracted with it all and i let the important things like livejournal slip<3
Now for some apologies:
BIRTHDAYS! I missed loads! I'm sorry! I'm off to read some entries:)


God, feels like forever since i've been on here, even though it's only been a week but still!:P

the medical course, was amazing xD 
The first two days i was doing the pathology course which was so interesting, especially the forensic patholgy & autopsy lectures. Lol, the pics were very graphic but really cool:) It reminded me of Scully and Magnus lol. It was so much fun and i got make some new friends which was cool, whilst being with some old ones.

Then for the rest of the week,and we had such a variety of lectures. I really enjoyed some of them, like the A&E lecture, the psychiatry lectures, the patient contact practise exercieses and the live surgery was pretty cool:) A lot of people felt squeamish when we were watching some videos of accidents, and to be fair they were very vivid images, but i was proud that i didn't feel ill lol.

the halls of residence were okay, quite nice, and the food was better than i thought it would be. The campus was ace, oh lol, i didn't say, it was in Nottingham University. Oooh, and on the last day, a load of medical schools came to the campus and gave us prospectusus and i got to ask some questions which was cool.

OOOH!!!! AND, i fell in love with this lecturer (spelling?)!!!!!! He was AMAZING! He was like 50 lol, but still, he was so funny and an AWESOME speaker, and everytime he came on stage, the whole room stood up and clapped and cheered for about 5 mins. And during one of his lectures he revealed that one of his sons had died :( and then he said something about having an actual problem with speaking infront of people, and that after a lecture he couldn't stop shaking, which was true bless him. On the last lecture he looked like he was actually crying. I went, at the end, to shake his hand and just thank gim for everything, and he was so grateful xD<3
There's another conference next year and i'm dying to go, not just coz the man will be there again;) lol, noes seriously, it was great. Still not sure if i will go into medicine, i need to some thinking, but it's a definite possibility. Can't wait for UNI!

Wow, long post, sorry guys:P
Oohh, and x-mas cards will be on there way to some of you guys, and i still need to get some more adresses! I'm so unorganised.
Gonna try and catch up with the flist this weekend but if anythings happened feel free to tell me:D Have to start an essay now. fun.
muah x

don't wanna go but i do but i don't

Got 'Medlink' It's a medical course (can't remember if i posted about it before) and it starts on sat until wed, but i might be leaving tomorrow and i won't have a TV or internet probably for like five days! I mean, Sanctuary is gonna be on! I think i get back for the repeat but still lol.
On Sat i'm learning about pathology and then the rest of the week is on all things medical and we see live surgery and have real patients and cool stuff like that.
Don't know if i wanna do medicine, but this could help me see what it's like.
Gonna miss LJ *sigh* lol.

Mean Girls is on again:D "my grandma takes her wig off when she's drunk" "your grandma and i have that in common"


Helped out at my school yesterday for a kinda student parent thing where they come and see what lessons are like and what we learn if you take certain subjects in sixth form:D I'm a geek, i love being in school after hours, twas so cool! It basically turned into a bunch of my friends and me hanging out with a bunch of teachers drinking tea and eating sweets^_^

CHRISTMAS. NEED TO GET SORTED. Need to buy presents and send some.Need to buy cards and send some. Still need to get some addresses but i'll do that after the course. I don't have my tree up or anything! So unorganised.

I leave you with this, the most beautiful picture in the world!
LOVE HERCollapse )


I cannot express how amazing Requiem was. Seriously. Amanda was....there are no words! *LOVES HER*
One of the greatest episodes in television history♥ Look at the pretty icon (not mine) AMAZING SCENE. Amanda was too awesome. I loved it so much that it hurt. I love her so much it hurts. She played 'mad' helen so well, she was FIERCE♥  The smile when she's fixing the valve thing with all the water xD And the Will/Helen scene! And then second to end scene! And how cute did she look when she knocked on the window so that Will would let her out :D

I'm so sad:P i was so excited about this ep, i kinda had a few tears *rolls eyes* And the my dad rang in the middle of the ep and i missed something Helen said, so that made me cry coz i was upset LOL.
But i saw the Requiem twice last night, coz they show it on ITV4, and now on ITV4 + 1 !!! Twice in one night, then again on wednesday^_^ Yes, Amanda is my life, like most of us here:P She owns all.

Watched Mean Girls last night on E4. Thought of littleninja245</lj> Four for you glenn coco, you go glenn coco!:D And Tina Fey looked pretty. That film is so funny:)

When is Doubt coming out!??!?! I need a Meryl fix!!!

ahoy mateyCollapse )

I missed my picspam!!!

It was Julianne Moore's bday on the 3rd and i was gonna do a picspam, but i had so much to do, i couldn't get to my computer:(
But i shall do one now:) She is so fierce, i loves her:]
(sorry for the really random and different sized pics)

Talent Show. My school put on a 'Britain's Got Talent' night, and a load of the teachers did it and performed 'Time Warp' from The Rocky Horror Picture Show!!! XD Most of you probs don't know, but i am a MAJOR Rocky Horror fan, love it so much<3 So that made my night, plus seeing some of my teachers up there doing their thing, or at least trying lol.

Seeing another school production thing at my friend's mum's school. It's Sweeny Todd. I'm actually quite exicted. Not really a fan of sweeny todd but still. And apparently in the play, the real one and the film, there was a song that got banned coz it was too creepy. It was the judge singing about Joanna (the girl he adopted) and it's him saying he watches her and hurts himself and she turns him on and stuff......SICK, lol, too wierd! 

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