Welcome to Fright Night...for real.

Why haven't i posted here in ages?!
Halloween. Hope people had a great night! Watched some scary movies-The Shining,Candyman,Halloween and then Fright Night (Which isn't really scary, none of them are really but i wanted some horror that wasn't too that i could actually go to sleep afterwards LOL) Virginia Madsen in 'Candyman' looks like Gillian Anderson! That made me less scared (or focused on the horror element) whilst i was watching the film:P And Jack Nicholson in 'The Shining', in-credible!
OMG so soon. Still need to finish my Abnormal outfit. I do look like a dominatrix kinda but it's all good:P I toned it down a little. Need to buy some vampire teeth!!!

Off to London next week with school for a few days:D Should be fun, gonna go see Wicked! And some show with Kevin Spacey in which should be good. Then back home for a few days,then back to London for the convention!!!!!!!!!<3

Really can't wait to see AT4 peeps! Wish i could see you all more often!

Haven't posted here in a whiiiiiile...

OMG, SO EXCITED FOR...."It's Complicated" !!!
Meryl Streep,Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin! Meryl looks fabulous, i love her so much in this movie (Well the trailer, movie's not out for a few months!!! *sad face*) WATCH THIS PEOPLE: LOL, Meryl, "turns out i'm a bit of a slut" :D

AT4! Just around the corner people! The disco, lord help me,have no idea what to wear. I know i've asked people already, but if you've got any bright ideas or if you know what you're wearing, lemme know, please!! *bats eyelashes*

Parties. Been going out a lot lately. Had to take care of a friend who was absolutely SMASHED the other night. He kept lying in the bath and we had to carry him to his bed, he ran out the house giggling like crazy, he kept hitting himself with a log which i had to forcefully remove from his hands, he kept stripping etc etc etc LOL. Funny but still:P

School. Been back for 4 days now. Enjoying it i think. I have a really cool new English teacher who seems awesome, so that's cool. I dropped Chemistry so now i'm studying Physics,Maths & English Language. I have a lot of time to do my own studying which is pretty cool.



Rocket Maaaaaaan.

SPACE SCHOOL. omg guys, like best week of my life? It was AWESOME. I met so many amazing people and we did so much. It went to quick. 8 days seems like a while but i did not want to leave.
I won't discuss everything coz i'd be writing a book, so here's some highlights:

~Airkix:This big wind tunnel that simulates free falling out of a plane at 110 mph i think. SO cool, and so much fun, just felt like you were flying!

~Anthony:My group mentor. Yes, he was a highlight. So adorable/geeky/cool/nice. Me and my friends kinda stalked him, and he knew it but he was flattered*sigh* He was not the type of guy i like usually but he was so adorable it was impossible not to like him.

~Bananas:An Anthony story-he was eating a banana at dinner so i was like "Aw guys, Anthony's eating a banana" ao they all turned round to see (don't why that's cute but ah well), but he started eating it reaaaally sexually. Like licking the tip, then slowly sucking it/nibbling it. He was doing this without realising, then noticed we were all pissing ourselves laughing and came over all shy to ask why. Funniest moment ever.

~EADS Astrium:We went to this military building (public not allowed in) where they make satellites and planetary landers. We saw some parts of the Mars Rover being built and all these people in clean suits in clean rooms doing maths and working at different stations, looked so cool. We weren't allowed cameras or phones and we had to wear security passes-now that was cool

~Lectures:All were awesome. Learnt so much new stuff e.g. stuff on black holes, space plasma, death and birth of stars, going to Mars, cryogenics

~Cryogenics:Liquid Nitrogen!!!Used that a LOT in so many experiements, that stuff is cool! Made bombs out of it which exploded like fireworks!

~Rocket Building:They were actually quite real, with a motor and stuff. We had to design and run simulations of our rocket then make the whole thing the next day, and it had to carry a camera that could record footage on the way back to the ground.

~Bonfire/Meteor Observing: We went camping one night so we could observe the recent meteor shower, and saw 5 meteors shoot across the sky!!:D And we had a HUGE bonfire until about 3am where we were all chatting and singing songs for aaaages. When we finally had to go back to our tents i stayed up all night playing poker. I was very tired later on but it was worth it.

~Party/Hanging Out:Had a party on the last night which was awesome, had such good music and smoke and lasers and everything. Stayed up all night again hanging out with everyone and just chatting:) Every night i had a late night. Oohh,one night we were watching a film and i was lying on a sofa with a friend and then Anthony came and lay next to me^_^ LOL.

Okay so i kinda covered a lot, sorry guys.
A few pics:
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Is it the weather...hand me my leather

Happy Birthday emosweet !! May all your birthday wishes come true:)
David Duchovny-bday was yesters and i missed it!! Love this man,so effing hot.
Gillian Anderson-bday is on the 9th. She's too goddamn beautiful. She's amazing.
Madonna-bday is on the 16th. So fierce, she is our queen!

I'm posting picspams for the three of them now, because tomorrow i'm off to Space School for 8 days!!And i may not have a computer there or get chance to use one. I hope i do! 8 days without interent *i will go insane*
It's so cool. I'm gonna be:

-Learning astronomy and space sciene from experts in the field
-having lectures and hands on experiments
-scuba diving to experience the similar condition astronauts do
-observing the night sky and learning about astronomical objects with massive telescopes
-attending a space academy masterclass at the national space centre
-have a day in industry at EADS Astrium where we see how satellites are made
-rocket building and launching
-flying the AIRKIX wind tunnel

All this is at Leicester Uni and The National Space Centre. It's gonna me me look pretty good on paper when applying to uni *nods*

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Claire Bear

Why are people not on LJ as much anymore?Well not everyone, but some people. Miss all the updates.
Look at the pretty icon i found. Two guys i love, together, in one icon *flail* I wanna marry them both.

AT4. What are people doing about the dicso??Has anyone got an outfit/costume planned? I'm not sure what to do! And the first night, anyone not going to the charmed dinner?

Hayden Panettiere. Thought i wouldn't like her when i first started watching Heroes, coz she was like, girl teenager, but i loves her. She's so pretty and awesome.

Uni. Still looking. One with some time in America. God i wanna go to America.

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Forbidden Love, are we supposed to be together?

Madonna Is My Homegirl. In London i found this really cool shop, a Madonna 'nude' shop type thing, where it was all these photos being sold for thousands of pounds of madonna naked...but i bought a bag and mug saying "I LOVE MADGE" ^_^

Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter if you would like. Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter. Post the list in your journal and expand on them. Give out letters to your commenters in return.
sofie_sanctuary gave me 'S'
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"I can see through my leg hole!"

Pineapple Express.Wasn't too fond of it the first time i saw it but it gets funnier each time. Such a wierd film:D
Sleep. I woke up at 2am, 4am and 6am and then couldn't get back to sleep.Ugh.But then me and my dad watched Heroes for a few hours,twas fun.
AT4.I'm not sure if my dad will be staying at the hotel, seen as he's not attending the con. I was like "but i'll be all on my own!" I know i won't be coz there'll be loads of people i know, but still! Like breakfast, hanging out, going out anywhere! I freaked a little bit, but if he doesn't come i'm attatching myself to my friends who are going *nods* Anyone staying on the monday???Dunno whether it's worth me staying monday or not.
Help me get into Uni.Does anyone have any idea on what kinda stuff i can do to show my interest in Physics or maybe something like engineering??? Need to do extra stuff so i look good on paper.

Aw. I wanna pick her up and give her a hug<3


I GOT AN AUTOGRAPH FROM GILLIAN ANDERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OKAY!okay! Went to London yesterday to see "A Doll's House" Firstly, the show was fantastic, it went so fast! Me and my dad were in the same seats as sofie_sanctuary i think, and yarr, i was worried i wouldn't be able to see Gillian, but i could,perfectly:D The whole cast was fab, and even my dad liked the show:P

Gillian was so funny in parts, and she dropped a macaroon at one point and wasn't sure what to do, so picked it up off the floor and ate it anyways BLESS HER. And Thomas (the husband) was horrible at times! And Gillian (Nora) looked so scared and upset and i know it's acting but i so wanted to give her a hug!:P

SO! When the play finished and they all came out to bow, SHE MADE EYE CONTACT WITH ME! That's huge to me! And then everyone was running out the theatre to wait outside. There was way more people out there that had been in the theatre, people who hadn't even been to the show were out there. I managed to push my way in. It was madness. Ooh but before Gillian came out, everyong started to sing "Joy To The World" you know, the Jeramiah was a bullfrog one. So fun. Then, Gillian cam out looking gorgeous. Her hair was amazing, i want it. Then things got crazy, there weren't proper ques, everyone was just kinda grabbing at her and shoving things in her face. So i kinda reached over everyone (thank god i was wearing 4 inch heels) and held my programme out, and she took it, signed it and gave it back!!!!! I was so happy. She didn't sign many autographs, and she was cross with one guy who kept trying to get more than one, i think he'd already managed to get two! 

Ahhhh, so there we go. I love her so freakin much it's unbelieveable. She was awesome<3333333

Mathletes. I want a jacket.

Ahh Mean Girls. Classic.

Saw Ice Age 3 IN 3D. For anyone going to watch it, look out for the 'crime scene' part. 3 words: Sid,Broccoli,Dinosaur. You'll cry with laughter, srsly:D
Harry Potter next week! Voldermort is the coolest.
Californication. Could David Duchovny BE ANY HOTTER? Gonna marry that guy.
Armageddon: Only saw this film for the first time last night! REALLY COOL. It made me wanna laugh and cry so much! Can't believe i hadn't seen it in all my years on this Earth until yesters.

Okay, is there a limit to how much teachers should tell you about their personal lives?! This is one example of many: Maths Teacher told me a story-one of her sons who is 2 yrs old walked in on her getting changed and she had a black bra on and started shouting 'take off the black, let me see them!'. She brought this up without anything being said related to that topic, and the class was kinda like giggling but 'what?!' at the same time:P love her:P

Squeeing over Jodie Foster a lot lately. She's so adorable, watched Panic Room and Flightplan the other day. Reminded me of why i love her<3


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Spock Me

Tee Hee.
Less than 2 weeks until i see Gillian Anderson!!!! OOH, sofie_sanctuary  check her website, it said something about her and not being able to sign autographs!

People, help. Uni. I think i wanna do physics-4 year course with one of those years being in America somewhere. Is that what i wnat?lol. Choosing a uni is so difficult. And the grades. I need to get some A's. And some shiz to put on my personal statement.

I have to go write a children's book for english. SUCKS. I can only write adult stuff, srsly. Stuff like Hannibal is all i know. Lets see if they like that. Ha.